The Adventure Rally: Enjoy a Tom Car or Jeep rally combined with stations in a survivor style format.  The group enjoys the outing while also connecting with each other solving some trail side competition challenges with the facilitators.  The group will also enjoy the message on balancing your life in a busy world through hobbies, outdoors and recreation. 

Time:  2.5 or 4.0 Hour options   

Inclusions: Coordination, challenges, staff, host facilitator and Tom Car Coordination 

Not Included: Expense of Adventure Provider and transportation to and from location, food & beverage.

The Amazing Chase-Race: Two different “race” type programs for your group to choose from to match their competitive spirit. The Digi-Hunt which combines clues, cameras and the team’s story telling abilities capturing the theme of the Hunt at the end of race celebration. The Race provides (1-3) zones of competition where teams must enter and leave the zone within the allotted time, compete in challenges, find things and solve clues.  Teams provided with Go Pro's to film the action.

Time:  1.5  2.5 or 3.5 hour program 

Locations: Varies  

Inclusions: Staff, clue packets, cameras, scoring and design, 1st place awards 

Not Included: Transportation to location, food & beverage and rentals if needed

Build a Bicycle: This program is available for a variety of age groups, causes and can be used as a "fitness" or "recreation" opportunity.  Each group has one bike to build per 8-10 participants and teams in a group share supplies and resources to collaborate as a group goal.  Win against the time, not the other teams.  

Time:  1.15-2.0 hours 

Team Size: 6-8

Inclusions: All tools, bikes, decoration supplies, sound and facilitation

Not Included: Facility, tables, food & beverage

Message: Make and take time to volunteer and Give To Win!
Options: Take a bike ride to a park to build, a tour to a group home for kids and build there, or just build at the resort and we will deliver.Type your paragraph here.

The Happy Hour Mix-Off:  The ingredients table includes all the items for your group to scoop up then mix up your creations as instructed by host.  Teams fight it out to have the best Salsa – Pico De Gallo, Avocado Dip, Frozen Drink and the Fruit Sculpture designed to display their creations. Part of the team will decorate, brand and put together a 30 second commercial to sell it to the judges.

Time:  45-60 minute   

Inclusions:  All supplies, cutting boards, knives, aprons, gloves, spices, rules, program coordination and judging management, 1st place awards

Not Included:  Perishables from the Caterer. 

Design & Build-A-Boat or Car or Miniature Golf Course:  Teams have 90 minutes to design, and then construct a boat, car or miniature golf course.  Teams must first assess supplies, then create a blue print and show to the host officials. Once the blue print is approved they have 60 minutes to construct their creation according to the specs and agreed upon design.  Finally, it’s competition time as they compete for the best time or lowest score!  

Time:  2.0 hrs. Team Size:  5-6 

Inclusions:  All supplies, staff, 1st place awards 

Not included:  Facility needs  

Message:  Planning requires making and taking time to create blue print for success

The Sports Slam provides $500 to a local sports and fitness program for youth. Todd Davis works with Arizona Parks and Recreation Association and local Parks & Recreation Youth programs to provide revenue to support activities.  This 90 Minute reception challenge provides teams a chance to rotate and earn points in 8 different sporting competitions following with the Giant Ski Races.  A great way to network over a happy hour or for the evening and we can incorporate your VIP's as referees!  Up your giving above our $500 with a donation per point program.

Activity Fee:  $2500 & up         Team Size:  10-12        Time Options: 1.15-1.45 Hours

Tailgate Competition: Kick up that happy hour, picnic or office gathering with a lawn games challenge that includes challenges designed for everyone.  From Corn-hole or "Bags" to Washers and Ladder Ball, we have it all for you.  If you have the lawn, we have the Bocce Ball and some friendly volleyball. Contact us to plan your next fun group activity while raising money for the cause of your choice. 

Time: 1:00-2:00 Hours

Team Size: Varies based on event package

Inclusions: Facilitator, games, event management, music and tournament coordination

Not Included: Facility, food & beverage


The Collaboration Challenge:  Teamwork is great but collaboration between departments, managers and leaders is even better.  This exercise allows for groups of 3 teams to experience individual team performance goals as well as “group goals” that require supply negotiation, bartering and collective teamwork.  Teams participate in warm up exercises that have the challenge of completing the collaboration games. 

Time:  2.5 hrs

​Location: Indoors or outdoors 

Team Size:  6-7  

Inclusions: All supplies for the exercise 

Key Message: Secrets to collaboration in a busy world full of tasks!

Build A Can Structure:  A perfect program to combine planning, constructing then donating the product to the local food bank. This program provides tough goals, requirements and sizing objectives for the group to achieve during the planning and building phase.  Judging is based on the ability to stand and meet the creative criteria as provided. 

Time: 2.0 hrs. 

Team Size:  6-9

Inclusions:  All product & supplies 

Not Included:  tables and room from the host property 

Message: Communicate, cooperation and commit to the cause of team!

The Team Chef: Enjoy and engage in a group challenge where each team must divide participants into sub-groups to complete one of the “meal menu” items.  Menu includes an BBQ Sauce, Appetizer, Salad & Dressing, Main Dish Topping and Dessert sauce.     

Themes: Southwestern, Italian and Steak & Sea Food. 

Time:  75-90 Minutes 

Inclusions: Portable burners, pans, pots, utensils, plastic gloves & aprons, dry spices, cutting boards, host staff & all coordination, 1st place awards 

Not Included: All perishable food items, main dish & dessert, eating plates & utensils, table & chairs and beverages.