Outdoor programs that combine adventure, sunsets and fun to engage your group in a guided experience. Key Experiences:  Jeep Rally in Cave Creek; Chili Challenge at the Buffalo Chip!

Compete for a cause!

The team challenge can provide cash to the cause, or the actual give back item for the charity. 

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Our History

Workshops to help people have Fun at and away From Work to increase work-life balance through integrating recreation and hobbies into their weekly lives.  Key Sessions: Get A Life "Have More Fun" and Team Time "It Works"!


Enjoy an amazing chase, team chef challenge, outdoor capture the flag boondocker or eggstreme collaboration challenge. Experience the best team building with Team Play! We provide programs at your site, or can take you away to play for the day!

Software platform to create "Friends with common interests" and to encourage group recreation and volunteering. Programs for Associations, Living Communities, Companies and Church groups. 


Compete in a couple of hours, over a happy hour or get out of the day.  We can design the experience to meet your location, time availability and group interests.

Compete for a Cause

Todd Davis Business Brands

Through our foundation we provide the best pricing for the team value paired with the cause. As you wish you can Increase your "give back" as your budget allows.


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Experiences designed to engage your group with projects that give back to the community while inspiring participants to make and take time for community.  Key programs to support veterans, youth, trails and domestic violence projects. 

Todd and Marsha Davis are the pioneers of corporate team competitions.  Their design allows for all abilities, ages, personalities and interests to participate and enjoy the experience. They are experience designers,event coordinators, facilitators, teach college and motivational speakers through their featured program "Get A Life & Have More Fun". Our vision is to help your team engage better both "at and away" from work.  

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Compete for a cause is a dual mission for TeamPlay USA.  Our first goal is to connect your participants with each other through the experience. Our second goal is to provide a "give back" experience for your group as part of the Team Play activity. 

Creative Problem "Team Workouts" and activities designed to create engagement and connect the T in TEAM!   Key sessions:  Team Talk Communication & Department Collaboration.


Get into the Downtown of several Arizona Cities and Towns to experience the Amazing Chase, Culinary Competitions and Dine and Judge.  Our programs are set for Downtown Phoenix, Old Town Scottsdale, Town of Cave Creek and Sedona!